Living Off the Grid

By Anne Groebner


What is energy? According to Larry Bell, Owner of Alternative Energy Discount, energy is the basis of all things. As an energy master, Bell has a mission to get the message out about anything notable concerning alternative energy such as solar and wind. His mother company is called North Eastern Arizona Energy Service Company and it is a non-profit business that promotes clean sustainable energy. Now they have opened a brick and mortar store that allows people to stop by and actually see and purchase the materials to put in their own energy systems. READ MORE...

Take Time To Play

By Joan Courtney

Ouch! Summer is wrapping up and it’s time to check: have you had your summertime fun yet? Amusement and play shouldn’t end with childhood. And this season is the time for travel, vacations and time out. Time to play. But, you tell yourself, “It’s been so long since I’ve had any fun, since I played. I’m stuck and don’t know how to play anymore. And I still have to mop the floor, arrange the pantry, do the laundry and (fill in the blank).” How about scheduling in some time for play? For fun? Or is that a foreign notion?

There is a certain feeling with play. And yes, if it’s been a while since you played, that feeling might be distant. One way to get into the “play state of being” is to journey back to a time when you did have fun, perhaps as a child. Remember that field trip when you were a kid? Or bicycling to the local A and W root beer stand for a Very Small Glass of that bubbly beverage? Or lying on the grass and looking up at the stars? Or the warmth of the ocean breeze off the Baja ...READ MORE...

  Explosion of Color and Song

By Rob Bettaso


   As we spin closer to this year’s Summer Solstice, my days begin very early. It’s not that I choose to depart from the land of Nod; I love sleep. But when those earliest birds commence to singing in their pre-dawn chorus, my mind is compelled to leave dreamland and enter waking life.

    So, at this time of year, that means that sometime between 4:00 and 4:30AM, I groggily become aware of the Robin’s rising and falling phrases coming through my open window. As the similar sounding Black-headed Grosbeak and Western Tanager also inhabit

my yard, I have to focus my mind to try and sort out the three species’ rhythmically patterned songs. It does seem that the Robin is generally the first to start singing and also that he does so from a perch that is lower in the vegetation.

   While I’m a life-long bird lover, I’ve never seriously attempted to learn their vocalizations (songs and calls). Yes, yes, I know, “there’s an ‘app’ for that” but, given my unapologetically Luddite nature,  READ MORE...

Adopt, Adopt, Adopt!


by Liesl Hall

Photo credit: Liesl and Landon Hall


If you have been outside lately, you’ll hopefully have noticed a few things. And, if you’re still in hibernation, here’s what you’re missing:


 1 The snow has melted (well, for the most part anyway!).

 2 Plants and flowers are beginning to pop up.

 3 Birds are beginning to chirp and the whole Earth feels alive again.


Yes, folks, spring is finally here! The air is warmer and new life is beginning. Love is in the air but that love doesn’t stop with humans. Spring is typically when animals come into “mating season” as well.


I’ll preface the rest of my article with this: I have very strong opinions on why people should spay and neuter their pets and why people looking to adopt pets should very seriously consider adopting animals from rescue shelters. To those of you who prefer adopting purebreds solely for reasons such as severe allergies…okay, this article does not apply to you. There are always going to be cases where a person with severe allergies would like to adopt a dog and there simply is no other way to absolutely know FOR SURE that they would not have a life-threatening reaction than to find a breeder who breeds hypoallergenic dogs. But the rest of us who are able should really consider the rest of this article. And here’s why:


Fun fact: Did you know that up until about a hundred and fifty years ago, purebred dogs didn’t even exist? Up until then, dogs had gone centuries breeding with other types of dogs purely on survival instinct. Dogs were healthy and their mixed heritages created beautiful and unique combinations of looks and personality that eventually became what we call “purebreds.” Fast forward to today where purebred dogs have a slew of health issues, mostly because years and years and YEARS of inbreeding have caused severe physical defects. Breeders often mate purebred dogs with members of their own families, causing purebred dogs to be so inbred that it’s hard to believe that they actually are able to survive. These are NOT ...READ MORE...


"Not all who Wander are lost."

 — J.R.R. Tolkien

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