9 Wild Things to Avoid

 Hiking, camping, hunting and fishing are some of the safest healthy physical activities.  You can not only become more physically fit, but mental health also gets better with outdoor activities for many people.  When we make efforts to be in the “wild”, we usually want to see, hear, and experience wild things.  Fortunately, 99% of  those wild things are safe and won't harm us.  However, certain precautions can make the experience even safer and more enjoyable.

How to Save on Your Water Bill

Rainwater Harvesting

Water is a precious resource here in Rim Country and the White Mountains. It’s important to be aware of water usage before the monsoons hit, and even then, being water-smart is important to the ever increasing demand and decreasing supply. Rainwater harvesting is the most trending way to save on water when it comes to landscape irrigation, wildlife and livestock watering, in-home use and fire protection. It also helps with storm water control to prevent flooding, and because the the new modern tanks are sealed from light the water stays clean for months, so it can be used for nearly any purpose that requires water.


"Not all who Wander are lost."

 — J.R.R. Tolkien

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